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The story of Lombardi Printers

Lombardi Press was established in 1899 by the author and self-publisher Emilio Lombardi (1881-1956), and is now known as Lombardi Printers, a family-run business located in Sliema, Malta. Lombardi Printers have grown and developed over these past years. We’re proud to claim that we have become a company that is large enough to meet with your printing demands, yet small enough to understand the importance of an excellent service and how valued you are as our customer.

Encompassing four generations of knowledge-sharing from father to son, enhanced skill-set, the embracing of professionally trained and experienced individuals, Lombardi Printers have grown in experience and expertise and have also adapted to the full with the advancements in up-to-date technologies, be open to ideas, constantly innovate, and explore new opportunities. The evolution of materials and a valued customer centered approach, have lead Lombardi printers to diversify and venture into the unknown, in order to satisfy the client demand and to provide customer-centered printing solutions that respect the best international standards.

Production Facilities

Here at Lombardi Printers, we offer a wide range of printing solutions which ensure that whatever the requirement, your personal and/or your brand’s identity, is maintained throughout the process. Having the whole printing process all under one roof, you can be assured of a smooth and coordinated workflow; from Pre-Press, Press, and Post-Press. Maintaining a family-run business culture bound with experience and professionalism, your design would be in safe hands and the final finished printed product, will also be delivered on time too. Conforming to the FOGRA 39 Standards, you are guaranteed that the product is finished according to the International Standards.

Our Tradition Is Excellence

We always strive to excel both in our services and printing excellence whilst trying to stay abreast with newest standards.

There is always a solution for any design or printing problem. All of us at Lombardi Press view these as opportunities in order to expand our horizons and to venture into the unknown: being through deduction and experimentation, creativity and innovation, and the acquisition of the latest contemporary machinery.
In view of providing printing solutions to meet our client demands, Lombardi Printers, which was first established in 1899, has experienced a constant rapid grow, customer satisfaction, printing excellence, a committed and dedicated team of individuals who are always up-and-running to meet the client demand, and recognition in the printing industry.

If you have ever worked with us, and if you can spare a few minutes browsing through our website, you’ll experience our passion for printing. We do hope to attract your custom by providing you an excellent and friendly service, astonishing value, attention to detail, professional etiquette, wide range of products at affordable prices.

Our founder

Emilio Lombardi

Emilio Lombardi (1881 – 1956)

Emilio Lombardi, son of the Italian, Giovanni Lombardi and the German, Giuseppina Weiss, was born in Alexandria (Egypt) on the 14th of January 1881. His family relocated to Malta when Emilio was 10 years-old.

From a tender age, he was already showing his interest in printing and all that it entails; so much so that when he was a mere sixteen years of age, he started his apprenticeship at a Printing Press owned by Carmelo Mifsud, in St. Ursula’s Street, Valletta. The printing industry affected him so much that it sparked off his desire to own his very own printing press.

On the 21st of October 1901, he was married to Fortunata Galea from Valletta, and saw this newly married couple settling in Sliema and raising 9 children (7 boys and 2 girls) in Nr. 92, St. Trophimus Street­.

By 1899, Emilio established his own small one-roomed printing press, entitled Tipografia Nazionale, situated in Nr. 1, Lion Street, Floriana (currently houses Caritas Malta). In 1908, he moved the press close to the Ferries at Sliema, Nr. 17, Strada Marina (nowadays Triq ix-Xatt), and renamed it Stamperija Lombardi (Lombardi Press). It was in 1912, when he set up his new printing press in the heart of Sliema, at a very close proximity to the Sacro Cuor Church, in the corner of St. Trophimus and St. Mary, where it still can be found to the present day.

From the very first Printing Press established, Fortunata, an energetic and hard-working woman, never shied away from giving her husband a helping hand at the press. This tradition was kept by his grown children, where after finished their education, also assisted their father in the daily running of, and the printing.

Emilio was practicing his penmanship since he was fifteen years of age. In fact, by 1902, he self-published and printed three books at his own press. His career as an “amateurish” writer spanned for over 50 years and is best known for his novels (better known as Rumanzi), non-fiction and religious publications; which can still be enjoyed by both children and adults alike. Work aside, Emilio was a keen observer, a religious man, quite social, and travelled a lot; therefore, it comes as no surprise that most of the recurrent themes in his publications range from historical, patriotic, religious, the Second World War, and profane.

At the age of 75, on the eve of the titular feast of Sacro Cuor, June the 17th 1956, Emilio fainted and died the following day, the 18th of June, at 8.40pm.

Emilio Lombardi authored more than 80 books and is recognised as one of Malta’s leading authors. In fact, a street in Sliema was named after him, Treiqet Emilio Lombardi; this side-street can be found verging off from Manuel Dimech Street. After his death, his publications were re-edited and re-published in modern Maltese; with some being also broadcasted on live public radio.

Our Forefathers