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Keep your clients, employees or the ones who matter the most, reminded of you daily by providing them with a Desk Mat. Desk Mats are ideal to jot down quick notes, keep track of important days, plan the day in advance, or to provide positive and motivational messages.

Be sure that these Desk Mats are simple and with enough blank areas for jotting down important information, brain-storming ideas, and even doodling. Add your logo and contact details, and if need be, useful telephone or extension numbers to be on the readily available.

Printed ideally on uncoated paper (to facilitate writing on), in one- or full-colour process, and come as a block-pad.

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a3 (420x297mm), a4 (297x210mm)

Pages Per Pad

50, Custom


1 colour, 2 Spot Colour, 4 Colour

Paper Material

90gsm uncoated paper


20, 50, 100, 150, 200, Custom